Open Letter to Orthodox Hierarchs

The Excerpts from the

Your Beatitude Tikhon and all Bishops of the Orthodox Church in America.

Letter to the Media


RE: Storheim Case to Manitoba Court of Appeal Oct. 31

I am a retired economist with some experience in legal advocacy; my wife is a retired law librarian.

The verdict in the case of Archbishop Seraphim (Storheim) raised more questions than it answered, so we invested money and considerable time in analyzing the trial transcripts.

Our basic questions were:
(1) Had a crime occurred?
(2) Was he guilty of that crime?
(3) Did he receive a fair trial?

The Trial

Dear visitors,
this section contains the results of very important work made by Larry Motuz and Jane Sminiski, Ottawa
Many months they studied and analyzed all available documentation on the trial.
We hope, God will remember their efforts to protect the name of our innocent Archbishop Seraphim.
If you have any notes on the collected materials - please send them to

This Worthy Man - a random slideshow

Here is a random slideshow of His Eminence Archbishop Seraphim for many years of His Service and Love to people.

Rod Tkachuk

Edmonton, AB

I have known Bishop Seraphim for thirty years, through St. Herman’s in Edmonton, the archdiocesan council and through many church matters.

A couple of decades ago, at the archdiocesan council, with the Bishop, we were having a little “workshop” about administrative and organizational efficiencies.
Bishop Seraphim said, in a calm and frank way, “I don’t know how to be a Bishop, but it seems to me that a Bishop should be a father and that is what I try to be”.

Julia Pozina

Annunciation Orthodox Cathedral in Ottawa, ON

Your Beatitude, Metropolitan Tikhon,

I would like to write you a letter to express the concern our family has towards the possibility to take some actions against Archbishop Seraphim. We do understand how complicated the situation and how much pressure you have from outside the world of Christianity. But PLEASE do not decide anything yet, just wait until an appeal to the courts.

Letter of Support from Natalia Tukhareli

Letter of Support from Natalia Tukhareli, Toronto - sent for publishing on the website - October 2010

Ianovskaia Tatiana

Here are the words of Tatiana Ianovskaia from the video interview - please see at Life stories about Vladyka Seraphim
October 2010

Ianovski Boris

Here are the words of Boris Ianovski from the video interview - please see at Life stories about Vladyka Seraphim
October 2010

My name is Boris Ianovski. We’ve known Vladika for 10 years. He’d often stayed at our home during his visits to Toronto and we’d talked to him quite a bit, and discussed a number of things from our own lives with him.

Storheim-Hill Dianne Julianna

Letter from Dianne Julianna Storheim-Hill - Feb 5, 2014

Master bless

I am writing to ask that there be no decision made as to Seraphim’s future until the verdict can be appealed and either acquitted or we are granted a new trial.

I ask you, in particular, to consider that what happened to Seraphim could happen to anyone – bishop, priest, teacher, etc. And how would you want to be treated if it did happen to you?


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