3 February, 2014
Orthodox Church in America
P.O. Box 675
Syosset, New York 11791-0675

Vladyka, bless

Your Beatitude,

I am earnestly entreating you and the Holy Synod of Bishops of The Orthodox Church in America that no action be taken against Archbishop Seraphim (Storheim) until the completion of the legal process to appeal the judgement (given on 24 January, 2014) via the Court of Appeals in Manitoba and even, if necessary, the Supreme Court of Canada.


Nova Scotia

February 4, 2014

The Most Blessed Tikhon
Archbishop of Washington
Metropolitan of All America and Canada
Orthodox Church in America
P.O. Box 675
Syosset, NY 11791-0675

Your Beatitude,

I am writing this letter to you at the present time with regard to our beloved Archbishop Seraphim (Storheim), asking you and the Holy Synod of Bishops to defer any action against him until an appeal has been made to the Court of Appeals in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and if necessary, to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Madison CR

Holy Annunciation/St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral, Ottawa, ON

I have known Vladyka Seraphim for about 2 years, and since that time, he has consistently portrayed love, support and availability regardless of the circumstances that surrounded him.

I find him approachable, humble and attentive, helpful, understanding, knowledgeable, sensitive, and discerning.

I am very saddened at the though of possibly losing someone so precious.

I hope that God will keep Vladyka with our community for a long time.

Love in Christ
CR Madison

Current tasks

Our main current tasks could be the following:
1. Prepare all possible evidence from people prior to the June sentencing hearing;
2. Write to the Metropolitan asking for a continued stay until the appeal is considered;
3. If there is a possibility, send money to the defense fund.

Character reference letters about Vladyka Seraphim

Dear brothers and sisters!

All your letters in one or another way contain the Character references about Vladyka Seraphim.
In this section we publish letters which are mostly about Vladyka's character.

If you can summarize your vision about Vladyka Seraphim's character on the whole or using any example(s) or episode(s) - please send us your notes for publishing in this section even some of your words were already published somewhere else.

Derry Helen

Ottawa, Ontario Canada
letter to the Metropolitan sent on January 29, 2014

Bless Most Reverend Master.

I need to speak with you honestly and openly, and I both hope and trust that you would appreciate such an approach. My heart breaks to hear the verdict on our Vladyka as I know without doubt that he is a holy man and has never abused anyone - ever!

North Barbara

St. Herman Orthodox Church
Edmonton, Alberta

Your Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon:

Master Bless!

I write to you regarding Archbishop Seraphim. We were, of course, dismayed by the guilty verdict at the close of his trial.

Alexeeva Chamilia

To: His Beatitude, Metropolitan Tikhon

We (my husband and daughter) are parishioners of the Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Sobor in Vancouver for more than twelve years and we know Vladyka Seraphim as infinitely kind, honest and respectful person who brings light and love to our hearts.

With a great regret we have learned that Vladyka Seraphim still is not free from the terrible accusations. We do not believe in them. We believe in him and we ask the Holy Synod to wait the results of an appeal. Please listen to our voices; please help him and all of us...

Scratch Jeremy

Bless Most Reverend Master!

Although we have met many times Vladyka, I know you are a very busy Metropolitan and may not remember me by name. I have served as Archbishop Seraphim's Subdeacon for many years (27 years to be precise). Throughout this time I have accompanied Vladyka Seraphim on numerous visitations across the Archdiocese of Canada and abroad.

Our mistakes

Analysis of our previous actions

We have a result of our previous actions – on January 24, 2014 our beloved Archbishop Seraphim has been declared guilty of one accusation.

We did not do our work properly. Everybody opted out of the responsibility on this case. We relied on the judicial system, on our church authorities. As we were told to do, we left Vladyka alone with his problems, and just prayed for all involved having in mind that Vladyka would be pronounced not guilty. This did not work. Prayers here on earth need to be supported by doings!


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