Nikkanen Helena

Anafora, Egypt

Subject: Archbishop Seraphim's verdict

Metropolitan Tikhon,

let me express my deep sorrow for the injustice to your archbishop Seraphim. This is neither the first nor the last time Christians are accused for something they did not do. I live in Egypt, where the Christians, the minority, seem to be guilty when ever somebody has to be accused for something.

I know Archbishop Seraphim for more than 30 years and he is really the last person I could imagine to be accused for abusing children.

Ganeva Irena

I've known bishop Seraphim for 18 years. I appreciate greatly his kindness, his spirituality, his wisdom, and most of all his ability to connect with my daughter. Even though she grew up in the church, she is now struggling with cultural and practical "criticisms".

Through the last 10 years only bishop Seraphim has been able to reach her, keep her trust, and advise her in his gentle but firmly Orthodox way.

Ovodov Alexander

Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Sobor, Vancouver, BC
We ask for a special investigation by the Synodal Commission. Hope, the Commission could find their own proofs.
When Vladyka was accused back in 2010 - I was receiving many emails and calls with threats because of publishing on several websites the supportive articles from the believers. Mostly the threats were from the Chicago feminist organization, and from some press.

Younes Alex

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Archbishop Seraphim is a dear friend we studied together at Seminary St Vlads

I must declare that this incident is there to cause a greater witness for the Orthodox Faith in a Godless world, which knows no boundaries. This blessed man whose life witness has been valiant holy and vibrant.. I know him to be full of enthusiasm for the Lord ever since our seminary days...

Sminiski Jane - January 31, 2014

Annunciation Cathedral, Ottawa, ON

Your Eminence, Metropolitan Tikhon:

I am writing to express my concern and support for Archbishop Seraphim and to urge that no further disciplinary actions be taken against him on the basis of the recent provincial judge's ruling.
I have lived in Ottawa since 1971 and been an active member of the OCA parish St. Nicholas / Transfiguration Mission / Annunciation Cathedral.

Excerpts from letters to Metropolitan Tikhon

Here we publish the most important words from the Archbishop Seraphim's supporters - by names in alphabetical order.

In all the letters people say YES! We recommend that the Holy Synod of OCA waits with a final decision on Archbishop Seraphim for the results of an appeal!

In many letters people say about the extraordinary situation with Archbishop Seraphim which needs to be carefully investigated by the Synodal Committee.

Message from Dianne Storheim

“The Important Thing is to Glorify God”

This is what my brother, Archbishop Seraphim, said when I asked how he would be with a negative verdict the day before he was convicted. It was so typical of him – to not say anything evil against another or to judge too quickly another.

Letter from webmaster

Here is the letter sent to those who supported Vladyka Seraphim back in 2011 by signing the Petition to the Holy Synod.

Dear in Christ!

You are receiving this message because you are one of Archbishop Seraphim’s supporters. Many of you already helped Vladyka Seraphim when signing the Petition to the Holy Synod of OCA in 2011 on our website; many of you sent financial help for the legal needs, many of you send letters and emails to Vladyka directly and stayed with supported him during the trial in Winnipeg.


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