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Ovodov Alexander

Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Sobor, Vancouver, BC
We ask for a special investigation by the Synodal Commission. Hope, the Commission could find their own proofs.
When Vladyka was accused back in 2010 - I was receiving many emails and calls with threats because of publishing on several websites the supportive articles from the believers. Mostly the threats were from the Chicago feminist organization, and from some press.
You know how easy they make a deal today. For example, two former bad students 30 years later will decide to punish their elementary school teacher. How easy to say bad words, how difficult to withstand such situations. Especially in a case like with Vladyka Seraphim when the Church stays aside, do not trust him, do not publicly support him.

Why do people and Church believe liars, and stop believing worthy people? Are we afraid to say good words about our honorable shepherds especially when they are in a difficult situation and really need protection and support in finding the truth?
Do you agree that people who signed the Petition to the Holy Synod on our website in 2011 said truth from their hearts?
Can you please take into account hundreds of letters which people from all Canada will send you. We shall continue our support.
Please do your best to help Vladyka Seraphim. The whole Archdiocese is asking for this.