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Julia Pozina

Annunciation Orthodox Cathedral in Ottawa, ON

Your Beatitude, Metropolitan Tikhon,

I would like to write you a letter to express the concern our family has towards the possibility to take some actions against Archbishop Seraphim. We do understand how complicated the situation and how much pressure you have from outside the world of Christianity. But PLEASE do not decide anything yet, just wait until an appeal to the courts.

I would also like to emphasize the importance to have Vladika Seraphim to be with us in the church, because without physical presence of Vladika the life in the church will never be same.

Here, in our Cathedral in Ottawa, we absolutely need him, his prayers, his hugs, his love. I know so many families who came to Annunciation Orthodox Cathedral in Ottawa and stay there forever mostly because of him.

Our family came to this church not far ago from the different diasis and from the day one we met Vladika Seraphim we knew that he is honest and respectful person. We were so happy to meet him as well as find the perfect place where we can feel the love of our Lord Jesus Christ; we just started to become stronger in our faith.

Having Archbishop Seraphim with us is very, very important and even more, it is critical for our growing kids. Our two boys (age 10 and 13) and two girls (age 8 and 21) love going to the church. Their desire to go to the church makes us as parents so happy, because we understand the importance the Bible command to go to the church and be functional part of it.

Looking at the world around us (outside the church) we can clearly see how badly it messed up. So many wrong, confusing messages are sent to our growing generation. It becomes harder and harder for them to see clear deference between the “white” and “black” – all is just suddenly become “gray”. That’s why, I am begging you, Vladika, – please let Archbishop Seraphim to stay with our kids and continue been for them the example of actual Christianity, genuine love and true care.

As a parent I know, if the decision be to take him away from our church, the wrong message will be send to our kids! They will just simply become confused, because if ALL of us know that Vladika Seraphim is NOT guilty in this terrible accusation, and our kids know it even better (it is hard to full the child), but knowing the truth we still punish Vladika Seraphim – what lesson will be given? What outcome will be? The church action should comply with the truth, not with politics! Otherwise it is confusing.

Dear Vladika Tikhon, please HELP us, help our kids, help Vladika Seraphim!
Please pray for us,
Julia Pozina and family