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Nikkanen Helena

Anafora, Egypt

Subject: Archbishop Seraphim's verdict

Metropolitan Tikhon,

let me express my deep sorrow for the injustice to your archbishop Seraphim. This is neither the first nor the last time Christians are accused for something they did not do. I live in Egypt, where the Christians, the minority, seem to be guilty when ever somebody has to be accused for something.

I know Archbishop Seraphim for more than 30 years and he is really the last person I could imagine to be accused for abusing children.

From the very beginning it was always clear that he is innocent, not guilty of that. I could never believe that this affair would end with a verdict. It is a shock. The days of martyrs are not over. I am convinced that after all your eparchy will not get a shameful label but a crown of martyrdom.

I wrote to You just to express the support for your church in this moment of injustice,

yours, in Christ,
Helena Nikkanen

retired Head Conservator of the Valamo Art Conservation Institute , Finland,