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North Barbara

St. Herman Orthodox Church
Edmonton, Alberta

Your Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon:

Master Bless!

I write to you regarding Archbishop Seraphim. We were, of course, dismayed by the guilty verdict at the close of his trial.

It is my understanding that Archbishop Seraphim will appeal the verdict, and I trust he will be successful in having an appeal granted.
I believe that most of us in the Archdiocese of Canada pray that the OCA will hold in abeyance any further measures regarding our Archbishop, until after the outcome of the appeal, should it be granted.

It would be a great mercy to us all if the church authorities could wait until all avenues of the court’s judgment of Archbishop Seraphim are exhausted before taking the next step. Of course, one hopes that an appeal court would find the Archbishop not guilty.

I have known Vladyka Seraphim since I first became Orthodox 10 years ago. I came to love him and to understand why he is so loved by the faithful of the archdiocese whom he has served with selfless devotion. The way in which he has conducted himself since the charges were first laid is truly astonishing. He has remained steadfast in his faith and free of bitterness. His humble conduct throughout this protracted ordeal is a tremendous witness to the faith.

Your Beatitude, may God continue to bless you in your work in His kingdom.

With love in Christ,
Barbara North