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Storheim-Hill Dianne Julianna

Letter from Dianne Julianna Storheim-Hill - Feb 5, 2014

Master bless

I am writing to ask that there be no decision made as to Seraphim’s future until the verdict can be appealed and either acquitted or we are granted a new trial.

I ask you, in particular, to consider that what happened to Seraphim could happen to anyone – bishop, priest, teacher, etc. And how would you want to be treated if it did happen to you?

My husband (an American) told me that what happened to Seraphim – an unjust judge giving a verdict based on his prejudices and not on facts or evidence – as in the States the prosecutor has to actually prove the guilt. But it is all so complicated and sad. The judge appears to have had a verdict in mind before the trial and he discredited all testimony that would show Seraphim’s innocence. We have plenty of cause for an appeal and will appeal. In Canada you can’t register an appeal until after sentencing and then there is only a 30 day window to do so. Sentencing will not be until June.

At the end of the appeal and if necessary a re-trial – if there is still no justice in Canada and if evidence is again set aside and judgement made based on the testimony of the twin brother of a schizophrenic – then do what you must. God knows his heart and will welcome him into His kingdom in due time.

When I asked Seraphim the day before the verdict how he would be with a negative ruling he did not hesitate but instantly simply said “The important thing is to glorify God”. That is what we are trying to do. May the truth win out – but as God wills. He has allowed this for some reason and we must find our way through it.

Love in Christ,
Dianne Julianna Storheim-Hill