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Main achievements

Here are some of the great episodes achieved using the first version of our website:
- We let many people from different countries (first of all Canada and the USA) express their extremely loving attitude to Archbishop Seraphim.
- A big portion of the sum for the legal defence has been collected. Now it could cover approximately 60-65% of what we need for the legal costs.
- We composed and published the Petition to the Holy Synod of OCA, collected more than 200 signatures, and on October 5, 2011 sent it in the form of the Open Letter to the Holy Synod of the OCA. As an answer to our Open letter we consider the Memorandum from the Holy Synod of OCA from November 15, 2011.
- The Letter of Antonina Kemileva Dunn had a great influence. She sent it on October 5th, 2011 to Metropolitan Johna, Holy Synod of OCA, Bishop Irenee, Archimandrite Alexander, and to the Investigation Commission of OCA. The answer to this letter came from Bishop TIKHON, Secretary of the Holy Synod of OCA, on December 13, 2011.
- We are happy with a very sensitive and balanced memorandum by Bishop Irenee on the situation around Vladyka Seraphim published on the website.
- We are very grateful to those who have been, and are continuing to pray for Vladyka Seraphim, who had no fear to openly express their love to Vladyka Seraphim in their letters, video clips, and by publicly signing the Petition to the Holy Synod.