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Contact Vladyka

Here we answer many of your questions how to contact Archbishop Seraphim

He will not have access to a computer and therefore no emails will get through to him until he is released.

You can write (snail mail) to him at the address below (does not need to be c/o) – his name and the address will get to him. They can receive their mail with pictures if you like.
Mr. Seraphim Storheim
(c/o Headingley Correctional Centre)
6030 Portage Avenue
Headingley, MB R4H 1E8 Canada

Note: Please include the name Mr. Seraphim Storheim on the letter as well in case the envelope and letter get separated.

He cannot receive phone calls except in a family emergency. He can call out by phone collect.
I suppose if you want him to call you please write him and ask him and give him your phone number.
He may be able to receive calling cards but he would have to ask his unit if it were permissible where he is.

Visits, Eucharist, Reading Material:
The parishes in Winnipeg are working to ensure that he receives the Eucharist, that he has at least a Bible, and people are applying for visiting passes.
They are also sending Canteen money but if you want to send him something for the Canteen you can via a money order made payable to Archbishop Seraphim Storheim.
It is possible to send small amounts of reading material in a letter, as long as it consists only of paper, no staples (i.e. nothing dangerous) are allowed.
An example of something like this would be printed articles – so paper and pictures

Visitation Applications:?
He must mail out a request for visitation privileges so to get that going you need to first send him a letter and tell him you want to come and maybe when.
He will mail it and then you send back with a photograph and it is processed and hopefully approved.

It is possible to send books, BUT there is a complicated protocol for that, too - you have to write Vladyka and tell him that you want to send "Such and Such" a book.
Vladyka has to ask the Unit Manager for permission to receive the book "Such and Such".
Once he receives permission, Vladyka has to let you know somehow that he has permission from his Unit Manager to receive the said book. Then you can send the book to him.

Candy / Chocolate/ Baked Goods / Clothing – are not permitted. He can buy sweets at the canteen and appropriate clothing is provided.