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Glory to Jesus Christ,
Our beloved Vladyka, Master Bless,
There were no better times we lived than when we had you in our midst, when we received your loving but rigorous spiritual advice and we enjoyed healing services and happy gathering with you!
I am not surprised, although at first distressed to see the fury of the attack. This attack is not on you only, and your words saying that you are more concerned with the Church than with what happens to you comforted me. I pray God to give you the force which I know you have.
We, His Church, will all be attacked even more – our Lord announced it to us! Lord have mercy! But we know His Church will stand until the end!
Our Love to you is always present, we dream to see you sometime soon.
Please be ensured you are our Vladyka and these temptations will pass as they came, from nothing to nothing. And hopefully they will be another proof to people about our Lord's Glory!
His Glory Forever!
E-G (Oct 14, 2010)