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Letter from webmaster

Here is the letter sent to those who supported Vladyka Seraphim back in 2011 by signing the Petition to the Holy Synod.

Dear in Christ!

You are receiving this message because you are one of Archbishop Seraphim’s supporters. Many of you already helped Vladyka Seraphim when signing the Petition to the Holy Synod of OCA in 2011 on our website; many of you sent financial help for the legal needs, many of you send letters and emails to Vladyka directly and stayed with supported him during the trial in Winnipeg.

You know that half of the accusation has already been thrown away by the court, but nevertheless the Court found him guilty on January 24, 2014.

We will not stop saying that this is not true, because we know him as our dearest shepherd, the man of God. He is innocent before the Christ, and before his flock, but on the earth he needs our Love, Protection and Support.

“The Important Thing is to Glorify God” – these are Vladyka Seraphim’s words after the trial.

The court decision will be appealed. We understand that we need to appeal to find the truth – we shall think over on this when some portion of financial aid will be collected for the legal needs. Note: the Archdiocesan officials cannot help because of many reasons … But the prayers of all the believers cost not less.

Next step after the court decision is the Synodal Commission investigation and issuing a report to the Holy Synod in accordance with the sexual misconduct Policies, Standards and Procedures of the OCA.

Our main concern today is that the Holy Synod will not wait the results of the appeal, and could make their decision on the basis of already announced criminal court judgment.

We kindly ask you to read the articles on our website at and write a letter to His Beatitude, Metropolitan Tikhon asking that the Holy Synod will wait the results of our appeal.

Also, If you have an opportunity – please donate what you can – this will help to find the truth, and will help to return us back our dearest Archbishop Seraphim. The details on donations are also on the website

Personally I know Vladyka Seraphim for more than 14 year. We were always in touch with him on many web projects and discussions. We recorded all the liturgies and his sermons. For 3 years we worked closely on recreation of our parish, and succeed in this - we got a healthy faithful Orthodox community now. Our family had a blessing to meet Vladyka at our home almost each time on his visits to BC. Our children rose having this spiritual blessing and Love from Vladyka.

Please send this letter to your friends and to all believers you know.

Yours In Christ

Alexander Ovodov