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Our mistakes

Analysis of our previous actions

We have a result of our previous actions – on January 24, 2014 our beloved Archbishop Seraphim has been declared guilty of one accusation.

We did not do our work properly. Everybody opted out of the responsibility on this case. We relied on the judicial system, on our church authorities. As we were told to do, we left Vladyka alone with his problems, and just prayed for all involved having in mind that Vladyka would be pronounced not guilty. This did not work. Prayers here on earth need to be supported by doings!

In our minds we mostly relied on the investigation and help from the Synodal Commission, we sent a common Petition to the Holy Synod, published letters and notes from people who knew Vladyka for a long time and could not imagine him being guilty.

Currently we hope that the Synodal Commission will say their word and in a faithful way will start supporting the abused Archbishop, taking into account the evidence and opinion of the believers. We think that it could be very important to publish or submit to the court all the collected information on this case.

We wish everybody to understand that this case is not about actual Sexual Abuse but about the False Accusation of “one of the most well loved and respected hierarchs in the OCA, past and present” (Archbishop Lazar Puhalo). And if so, as soon as possible, another model of behavior should be chosen.