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Ruiz-Gomar Juan Pablo

Love from the Ruiz-Gomars

Bless Vladyko!!

I cannot wait any longer to say this: we love you, we trust you and we pray for you!!!!
Forgive me. At first I thought we were not supposed to try to contact you; then I didn't know anymore, ...

Hopefully you will receive at least some messages, you must need some encouragement. Again I say, my family: Catherine, Daniel, Miquel back in Montreal, and myself, we are unanimous: we have only received love and good things from you and we have the deepest respect and admiration for our Pastor and the warmest love for our Father and friend Archbishop Seraphim.

I think often now with some sadness of the occasion when our (little then) Daniel received a huge teddy bear as a gift. Right away he decided that he would call his bear Seraphim "like the Bishop". Do I have to explain why? I tell this story to anyone who wants to hear it these last days. And we all long to have one of your hugs soon.
Vladyko, we will not let go, something good will have to come out of all this; our Lord promised!! It is the whole Church of Canada who is under attack and I hope we all will react unanimously too. Time to entrust each other and our whole life to Christ our God. We all pray personally for you and for the church.

The Church of the Holy Resurrection of Saskatoon will start today (Wednesday 13th) weekly prayers for you, for Bishop Irénée, and for the Archdiocese of Canada, and we will continue them indefinitely.

I hope you can read this. And I hope we can see you soon. Most of all I hope that God will grant me to be next to you in the altar soon too.

Bless us all and pray for us,

In Christ,
Priest Pau (Holy Resurrection, Saskatoon) (Oct 13, 2010)
(names published by permission)