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How my brother “confessed” at the “Spiritual” Court - by Dianne Julianna Storheim-Hill

There are rumours being circulated that my brother “confessed things” at the “ Spiritual” Court. Since he has no way to refute this and not knowing who has been told this untruth, I contacted his lawyer who was at the entire session of the Spiritual Court and asked for a comment we could use to clarify this. Below is his comment. It is also a sad comment on what a non-Christian witnessed instead of the love of God. – Dianne Julianna Storheim-Hill

Rumours can be a nasty thing. Even more so when completely false. I can say with absolute certainty that your brother did not confess to the spiritual "court". I use quotations because it was the farthest thing from a fair hearing I've ever witnessed...
Your brother vehemently denied the charges. They said they had 30 days to carefully consider our submissions. They took no notes of my over 2 hour presentation. They gave their decision the next day.
They clearly had their minds made up ahead of time. The hearing began with a plea to have him finally confess his guilt. He firmly declined to. A fair hearing to determine guilt does not and should never start that way.

Jeffrey J.Gindin