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Happy Birthday Our Dear Monk Seraphim!

“The important thing is to glorify God”.
With these words Monk Seraphim began a life of one who is wrongfully convicted.

January 25th is his birthday and we make these notes to remind all to continue their prayers to uphold him and give him strength.

He continues to live his life out quietly and humbly.
He still does not have a place to call his own but lives under the mercy and kindness of those who love him.
His property that was involved in the Cathedral fire last summer is still quarantined due to the asbestos contamination and he doesn’t yet know if any of it will be recoverable.

His work now is to research and write the histories of the Orthodox parishes, lay people, and clergy in Canada and other items of interest to him.
Most is published on the websites: (Canadian Orthodox History Project), and on his personal website

This summer we will celebrate 120 anniversary of the first Orthodox Liturgy in Canada.
Please use this email to share information (notes, memories, pictures...) on the life of all faithful in Canada.

Seraphim has a long list of intercessions which he maintains and adds to as requested.
He welcomes phone calls and emails.
He remains faithful to our loving and merciful God and forgives all as our Saviour taught us.

Thank you all for the Love and Support given over these horrible years of trial and betrayal.

Now we know that all we can do is to pray and to love and to forgive.
Let us make every effort to glorify God in all that we do. Christ is in our midst!