Happy Birthday Our Dear Monk Seraphim!

“The important thing is to glorify God”.
With these words Monk Seraphim began a life of one who is wrongfully convicted.

January 25th is his birthday and we make these notes to remind all to continue their prayers to uphold him and give him strength.

How my brother “confessed” at the “Spiritual” Court - by Dianne Julianna Storheim-Hill

There are rumours being circulated that my brother “confessed things” at the “ Spiritual” Court. Since he has no way to refute this and not knowing who has been told this untruth, I contacted his lawyer who was at the entire session of the Spiritual Court and asked for a comment we could use to clarify this. Below is his comment. It is also a sad comment on what a non-Christian witnessed instead of the love of God. – Dianne Julianna Storheim-Hill

Happy Birthday Dear Vladyka!

From Archbishop Seraphim

For all the supporters!

Many faithful have been concerned, and asked questions about Vladyka Seraphim. He was released from the jail on July 7, 2015 without any conditions or limitations. Now he is at home at the monastery and is tired but well. He is accessible via phone/mobile/email/ and old fashioned snail mail and welcomes all communication. From the end of 2010 for all these long years he could not say publicly a word. Below is a letter from Vladyka Seraphim to his sister Dianne.

We stand behind this Righteous Man

“Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.” – Matthew 5:11

Our beloved Archbishop Seraphim was deposed to the status of a simple monk by the OCA Synod of Bishops.
We are saddened that they felt they had to protect themselves from possible litigation instead of support truth.

Six questions - Regarding the conviction of Archbishop Seraphim Storheim

Regarding the conviction of Archbishop Seraphim Storheim
by the Rev. Canon David M. Baumann, SSC

Letter from Rev. Canon David M. Baumann

Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2015
Subject: Support for Seraphim

Dear friends,

A Prayer For Enemies

This article came from a supporter who found the prayer and wrote the introduction.

Letter to Metropolitan Tikhon

Here we publish Email From Dianne Julianna Storheim-Hill to Metropolitan Tikhon (Mon, 16 Mar 2015)

Master bless

It has been brought to my attention that the Synod meets this week and my brother is one of the topics, and it has also been suggested that I share with you some of the comments I have received since February 5th and encourage you to read and keep them in your hearts. I am blind copying my entire contact list and encourage them to add their thoughts if they feel lead to do so.

Archbishop Seraphim’s Writings, Talks, and other Materials

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Here is the link to the personal website of Archbishop Seraphim: http://archbishop-of-ottawa.org/.

On this website you will find his available homilies, talks, pastoral acts, pilgrimage reports, other writings, pictures and videos.

Also, there is full collection of the Canadian Orthodox Messenger from 1990 to 2010, which shows the life of the Archdiocese of Canada when Vladyka Seraphim was the auxiliary and then the ruling bishop.


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