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Beloved Archbishop Seraphim,
Be assured of our love and prayers as God's mercy sustains you and all the faithful during these difficult times.
May God grant you MANY HAPPY YEARS!
In Christ,
O. B. and O. S. (Oct. 6, 2010)

Dear Vladyka Seraphim,
Master Bless!
The prayers and love of my family, my wife L., and my daughter K., come with this message.
May the Lord give you strength and send you back to serve for many more years as our Archbishop.
With love in Christ our Saviour,
The Priest N.Y. (Oct. 9, 2010)
Hello :
Below messages are given to Archbishop SERAPHIM for he is one of Jesus' followers with courage.
If you could send them to him, it would be grateful!
Hello Archbishop SERAPHIM:
Although we never meet, I think I get to know you through God.
I went to college in Waterloo (Ontario) and was baptized in Kitchener-Waterloo Chinese Alliance church long time ago.
So when I know you are suffering, I think I should write to you and let you know you are not along to face everything.
I know you love God very much and God loves you so much too for you have done so much for him.
However, we all live in a world with human beings. So Somebody always gets chance to hurt us through people around.
The good thing is that God is coming soon :
Anyways, I would keep praying for you.
In Christ,
Claire Chu