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Good morning and blessings,
While he may not remember me, I remember "Father" Seraphim well.
Several friends and I were always made welcome by Father Seraphim. As a group, we had many entertaining, and thought-provoking conversations over the years. I knew him as a kind, compassionate, quiet, thoughtful man of God. He is and I'm sure  remains a truly gentle soul.
I would ask that you do me two kindnesses:
Please pass my coordinates on to "Father" Seraphim. Yes, I know he is   the archbishop but "Father" is how I remember him.
Pass along to him my cell phone number and my email too. Seraphim would have known me (if he recalls me at all) as M. C., one of several young friends of a one-time guest at the rectory by the name of   P. K. I now live in a different city with my husband. I'm also on Facebook (these days who isn't?)
Please inform Seraphim that he's in my thoughts and prayers during this   challenging time. I will vouch, in so far as I can, to knowing  Seraphim and to his never having had anything but kind, joyful and wholly appropriate contact with my friends and I.
I would welcome any communication with Seraphim he would deem constructive or helpful. Heck, I'd love to hear from him for any  reason, just to catch up with one of the nicest, holiest people I've ever known.
In peace,
M. B. (Oct. 6, 2010)

from Saskatchewan
My wife and I would like to express our wholehearted support for Vladyka Seraphim; we have known him for a number of years and can attest to his upright and honorable character. He is a loving and gentle shepherd to his people. We will continue to uphold him in our prayers.
Father John and Matushka Anna (Oct 12, 2010)