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I am so very saddened by this ambiguous moment, for several reasons (apart from our abiding friendship), one being that I have known Vladyka thirty years, and I served under his omophor for fourteen years (three in rural Alberta, eleven in Ottawa at his Cathedral as Dean), and I do not recall ever encountering even a whiff of anything morally incorrect.
There is a very real sense that, apart from Orthodoxy itself, for better or worse it has been love for Vladyka that has been the glue of the Canadian Archdiocese. Not ethnicity or language or calendar or regional interests, but strong attachment to him. Because no one knows anyone more consistently selfless and devoted to pastoral ministry than him, and this ministry is the basis of so much in the life of the Church in Canada, this is a very big blow. It will really challenge the faith, and the maturity of the faith, of many wonderful people.
The timing of this is all very interesting, in light of the creation of a Canadian episcopal assembly.
In any event, allegations are not at all the same as convictions, but all the same they stick like mud.
Truly: Lord, have mercy!
Archpriest Andrew MO (publishing of the name has been confirmed) (Oct 10, 2010)

Glory to Jesus Christ,
I was at seminary with Archbishop Seraphim. He's always been a source of inspiration to me. While the charges made against him are easy to find, finding out how things have turned out for him is not. I pray that he is well and has had his name cleared of these terrible accusations.
In Christ,
V.Rev. Jacob Lee Kulp
St. Timothy Orthodox Church
Toccoa, GA (Feb 28, 2011)
I am very sorry for the difficulties of the Canadian Archdiocese and the suffering of Archbishop Seraphim. I still remember the first time I met him. He was invited to be the guest hierarch for the annual Holy Myrrhbearers' Pilgrimage at the Holy Myrrhbearer's Monastery in Otego, NY. (
It was a Saturday morning in May and the weather was very bad.. even a little snow. This cut down on the crowd.. and I ended up being the only priest present with the Archbishop. I remember his kindness to me.. and the joy he had in celebrating for this small group of faithful. May Our Lord strengthen him in these days of trials, and may the same Lord be a source of peace for all of the people in the archdiocese.
Fr. Jim Dutko (March 28, 2011)
I am reading From the Bishop's Desk, the collection of Archbishop Seraphim's writings. They are very good and I am very impressed with them.
Are you in touch with him? How is he doing? It certainly seems a sad waste that he is no longer in office. I have a lot of misgivings about this "policy."
May the Lord bring good out of it for him.
In Christ,
Fr. Paul Yerger (Sep 20, 2011)
Vladyka ordained me to the Holy Diaconate at SVS and I have always been blessed by his presence at the seminary when I was there. I was surprised by the accusations as was everyone. I pray daily for Vladyka for if the accusations are false than it is an awful reprehensible attack on a good man. I also pray for the alleged victims for if these accusations are true than I weep for these innocent ones. There should be zero tolerance for abuse. I give Vladyka the benefit of the doubt and I pray that these are false accusations, but we do have a misconduct policy in the OCA that must be followed.
I continue to pray for you all up there and I hope for the truth to be made known so that healing can begin.
in XC,
Fr. Christopher