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How can we help?

How can we help Vladyka in the current situation? Vladyka praying

Greetings to all of you!

You know that on January 24, 2014 Vladyka Seraphim was pronounced guilty on one of the two charges. We know and love him, and we do not accept this news.

From the Holy Synod’s statement regarding Archbishop Seraphim: The faithful of the Orthodox Church in America are asked to offer prayers for the victim and family involved in this case, for all victims of sexual abuse, for Archbishop Seraphim, for the civil authorities, the Synodal Commission, and for their brothers and sisters in Christ in the Archdiocese of Canada (please refer to

Most of the believers in Canada and other countries respect and trust Archbishop Seraphim and are ready for the support in any possible way. Do we need further investigation and proofs? Please think this over and let us know your opinion on how we can help Vladyka in the current situation.

Helping Vladyka - as we help to investigate the real truth - we help to protect our Archdiocese and our own future life in God.
Of course, it is God who is the ultimate protector of us and of the Archdiocese.

Currently we suggest the following for you: