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Letter from Rev. Canon David M. Baumann

Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2015
Subject: Support for Seraphim

Dear friends,

Greetings in Christ! Thank you heartily for your unwavering support for Archbishop Seraphim. He and I were classmates at the Anglican Theological College in British Columbia. I was a year behind him, so our years overlapped 1970-1972. We were best friends then and have remained in occasional contact since. We corresponded frequently via the postal service for the past two years until he began his sentence, when I lost contact with him. I am grateful to you for providing his mailing address so that I can write to him again.

I thoroughly believe in his innocence, though the touching stories of his holiness on your website exceed my personal knowledge of him (which comes only from his youth), and make a testimony more powerful than I have the ability to make. I was always impressed with his innocence and holiness even in seminary, and remember well when he preached a sermon in the seminary chapel about St. Seraphim of Sarov--the first time I heard of this most holy Saint to whom I have had a devotion ever since, and whose name he took.

Thank you for your continuing courageous and public support of this worthy servant of God when so many others have not done so. May he find joy, vindication, and deliverance in this life even as he will always have it in eternity. His joy even in seminary days more than forty years ago was contagious.

Sincerely in Our Lord Jesus,

The Rev. Canon David M. Baumann, SSC