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Ianovski Boris

Here are the words of Boris Ianovski from the video interview - please see at Life stories about Vladyka Seraphim
October 2010

My name is Boris Ianovski. We’ve known Vladika for 10 years. He’d often stayed at our home during his visits to Toronto and we’d talked to him quite a bit, and discussed a number of things from our own lives with him.

He comes from an absolutely unique and rare type of people, and seems to possess a love that shines down on the people around him. And that love especially manifested itself in regards to children and we’re aware of the respect and special care he showed towards children.

There is one example that comes to my mind in particular, of a time during one of his visits to Toronto. After the church service, a meeting was to be held and there were quite a lot of people that were planning to attend. And as the Archbishop was about to leave and everyone stood waiting for him, a little girl, who had come with her mother to Church that day, approached him. The girl’s family situation was a bit troubled – her parents had been fighting a lot and were going to get a divorce, and she was obviously upset and started to tell the Archbishop about it. When he heard her speaking, Vladika knelt down near the girl and listened patiently for a long time. It was just a silent scene of a large crowd of people standing and waiting, watching the conversation between the two.

Vladika would always have the ability to divulge inspiration to all people, not only children. Everyone has a mass of personal problems and questions in their own lives but Vladika, in fact, presents himself as an answer to prayers and problems, as he is so filled with love. The need to constantly worry and ask questions ceases.