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Scratch Jeremy

Bless Most Reverend Master!

Although we have met many times Vladyka, I know you are a very busy Metropolitan and may not remember me by name. I have served as Archbishop Seraphim's Subdeacon for many years (27 years to be precise). Throughout this time I have accompanied Vladyka Seraphim on numerous visitations across the Archdiocese of Canada and abroad.

The Archbishop has been my confessor (up to his suspension) from the age of 14. He is my Spiritual Father and I make no decision of any importance without his counsel and blessing. It would be fair to say that his prayers for me, direction and kindness have had a profound effect on my life. I have never felt anything from Vladyka Seraphim, other than paternal love and compassion, respect and kindness. In our travels together through time alone in confession, conversations, and long car drives I was never given reason to fear or mistrust this man.

While I believe that the Archbishop is innocent of the accusations against him, I do understand the above statement carries no weight in secular courts. I do hope and pray that perhaps it may in the Spiritual Court. I am asking that you and the Holy Synod defer a decision on Vladyka's fate until after his appeal has been heard by the secular courts.

I will respect your decision and the Holy Synod's direction on this Vladyka. Also, I will continue to pray for our Archdiocese, our Arch Pastor and for the Orthodox Church in America. Although I do not understand God's will in this all, I do trust in God and therefore will give glory to Him for all things.

Please pray for me Vladyka.
Yours sincerely,