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Rod Tkachuk

Edmonton, AB

I have known Bishop Seraphim for thirty years, through St. Herman’s in Edmonton, the archdiocesan council and through many church matters.

A couple of decades ago, at the archdiocesan council, with the Bishop, we were having a little “workshop” about administrative and organizational efficiencies.
Bishop Seraphim said, in a calm and frank way, “I don’t know how to be a Bishop, but it seems to me that a Bishop should be a father and that is what I try to be”.

I have never forgotten those words and I have never experienced him being anything but that.

May our Lord Jesus Christ grant strength, courage, wisdom, patience and discernment to the members of our Holy Synod as they, Bishop Seraphim, and all of us suffer through this.

Respectfully, in Christ
Rod Tkachuk