We hurt, but are not discouraged

Dianne receives many letters with people's pain about her brother Vladyka Seraphim. Here you can find some of them:

There are very few human beings I have ever met about whom, in all truth, when encountering them, I can say with great certainty that "Christ is in our midst!" The Archbishop is one of those handful of persons.

Prayer Suggestions

We need to support Vladyka Seraphim and each other in prayer and beg God to give us all strength.
We are so very very appreciative of you all. Thank you so much.
Prayer Suggestions – for your use if you don’t know how to pray in all this:

Contact Vladyka

Here we answer many of your questions how to contact Archbishop Seraphim

He will not have access to a computer and therefore no emails will get through to him until he is released.

You can write (snail mail) to him at the address below (does not need to be c/o) – his name and the address will get to him. They can receive their mail with pictures if you like.
Mr. Seraphim Storheim
(c/o Headingley Correctional Centre)
6030 Portage Avenue
Headingley, MB R4H 1E8 Canada

Analysis of Appeal Decision

We still waiting for a proper analysis of the appeal decision but basically it rejects the appeal because, for most points, their opinion was that the trial judge had the right to decide what he did.

They rejected our prime witness (Connie K) because even though the judge made up her relationship to Seraphim she was still a close friend – and in their opinion that could mean she either lied or remembered things incorrectly.

Comments from your emails

We receive many comments to the recent post about Vladyka Seraphim. Here are some of them (starting from Feb 5, 2015):

As always, we are grateful for your updates. The latest is particularly hard to take, but we must remain steadfast in our love of God and in our dear archbishop. – B

I should more be asking +His Eminence's prayers for me than offering mine own for him...
He truly is following the course of St. Nektarios of Aegina, in his own way, though all along the way I prayed he would be spared that indignity. – T

A Suffering Servant by Abbot Tryphon

Christ is glorified in His saints

Your opinions

Here you can find some of the comments to what happening with our Beloved Archbishop Seraphim

Happy Birthday Dear Vladyka!

All those who love and support our beloved Archbishop Seraphim congratulate him on his birthday on January 25, 2015.
May God bless and protect him all the days of his life and quickly end this long ordeal he has suffered through.

Happy Saint's day to our beloved Vladyka Seraphim

Today is the feast of Entry of the Theotokos into the Temple, and the Patron Saint of our beloved Vladyka Seraphim.

Anatomy of a Trial



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